Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Anthems

Over the past couple of weeks, my thoughts have been a kaleidoscope of topics, and I've tried to see the pattern in the midst of the array of colors.  So instead of an organizing topic, I'll share with you some of my thoughts of late.  The results?  Just a couple of new life anthems.


Currently, I'm reading two books:  Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte and The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith.  The first book speaks to the constant busyness and time deficit in which we Americans (specifically working mothers) are perpetually stuck.  The second book is a journey to finding beauty in the imperfect with home decorating, but the principles are leeching over into other areas of my life.

As a result, two sayings are on their way to becoming part of my life's anthem:

1)  Slay your own dragons.

Its very human to blame others for our current situations, solidifying our identity as "victim".  (Considering that Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the snake...)  But instead of succumbing to the role of damsel in distress waiting for the heroic prince, how about we get a little gumption, unsheathe our sword and get to work?  I'm mainly thinking about the dragons of fear, inadequacy, ambivalence, and comparison, but our "dragons" can represent anything that keep us from living at peace with what God has given us, creating a barrier to contentment and joy.  No more.  And if we get burned in the wake of its fire breath?  Fire refines and purifies precious metals, so see it as a bonus, not another avenue to victim-hood.  Now, as a disclaimer, I'm NOT saying that we don't need help at times; no man is an island.  I think the key is to do whatever we must to keep our dragons from dictating our lives, to be ruthless in protecting our choice to enjoy life right here, right now. 

2)  "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." - Myquillin Smith

I spoke to this some in my post about imperfections and now I'm even happier with my choice to not repair the dresser.  My personality errs on the side of perfection, waiting until everything is in place to act.  That way of thinking is often more of a hindrance than a show of prudence.  With perfection, I'm stagnant, waiting, waiting, until the perfect moment which never comes.  Life well lived requires some adventure, some risk, and some mistakes.  There is freedom knowing that God can create masterpieces from all the imperfect pieces of my jigsaw puzzle.  So, with wisdom and faith at the helm, I'm channeling my inner Bilbo Baggins (who also had a part in slaying dragons) and setting off on an adventure.  

Don't miss the view just because a piece is missing...

What's on your mind lately?  Do you have a take on either of these two anthems?

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