Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Still not a morning person...

After three weeks, I accept I am not a morning person, at least not in the conventional sense.  I don’t immediately jump out of bed, fully awake and ready for the world.  Instead, I view myself as just a minimally-productive person in the morning. 

(Does Frankenstein still laugh at me when I wake up?  Yes.  But at least I’m getting stuff done.  Meanwhile, he is still looking for his brain.)

I’m currently reading One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler by Tsh Oxenreider, and one of her ‘bites’ is to make a morning routine.  It’s a series of events you always do in the morning to get yourself ready for the day.  Inadvertently, that’s what I had done (although, not so eloquently stated) and I’m here to tell you, it works.

Now, when I wake up, I know EXACTLY what’s up next.  I drink my water, clear out the dishwasher, make my breakfast, read my devotional, and make up the bed.  After the bed is made, I’m alert and ready to look at my to-do list and get cracking.  If I am working from home or have an appointment elsewhere, my morning routine gets me going. 

The first few tasks vary from day to day.  Sometimes, I edit a blog post or update our financial documents.  Other times, I open up my Pocket app and select one thing I earmarked to read – this keeps me up-to-date on my various interests.   As a result, there’s a snowball effect.   I find myself completing the important but mundane tasks earlier in the day, leaving ample time for my creative endeavors during my energetic early afternoons. 

The bottom line: I am alert and more productive in the mornings all because I took the time to create a simple, 30-minute routine. 

For those who are morning people, I recognize that you also have a morning routine, but your routine probably only consists of waking up.  I also think that every person requires a different routine.  Some may take 5 minutes to complete theirs, others a couple of hours.  The principle remains the same:  know your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and set yourself up for success. 

Interested?  I highly recommend it.  You could start by going through the process I outline here.  Or perhaps your routine consists of a few tasks you need to just get out of the way, such as starting a load of laundry or exercising.  For those that don’t have much alone time, maybe your routine is dedicated to mediation, praying, or journaling so you can tackle your day centered and rejuvenated.

Honestly, it seems so simple, but only after decades of life did I stumble upon it.  It makes my weekdays start much more smoothly.  On the other hand, the weekends remain a problem for me because I get really spoiled.  D enjoys making breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so I dawdle around while he graciously (and deliciously) makes veggie omelets or blueberry pancakes from scratch.  (Seriously, I LOVE that man.)  So on those days, I gladly allow myself the luxury of waiting until the afternoon to be productive.

What are your plans for being more productive in the morning?

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  1. Yeah, the morning routine is crucial. crucial. crucial. Can you tell it's important to me yet? lol I think I need to, wait, I know I need to tweak mine though. I've gotten pretty efficient at the one that I have, but there's room for improvement so that I'm not completely driving to work on auto-pilot :/

    love you!


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