Friday, August 29, 2014

Why you should NOT go shopping this weekend

'Tis Labor Day weekend, four days of sales, double points, rebates and more.  During our reprieve from labor, we succumb to the siren ads and willingly hand over that which we labored so hard to procure.  We might even go overboard requiring that we labor even more to reconcile the spoils from our weekend spree.   While there are some great deals to score, they are only great if we were planning to purchase them anyway.   Otherwise, our shopping results in more things we have to bring into our homes to organize and maintain.  Buyer beware - the true cost of purchases goes beyond the price paid for them.  Each item requires maintenance (cleaning, repairing) and storage - and if you are trying be organized, these costs may be deal breakers.  For instance, I decided to not buy 'dry clean only' clothing (with exception to some special occasion items) because found that the laundering costs negated the great "deal" I got when I bought them.  The same principle goes when looking for a car - one usually considers how much it will cost for a tank of gas, a new set of tires, routine maintenance and so forth before buying any model.  Thinking about the indirect costs beforehand can prevent a lot of headache in the future.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons you might choose not to go shopping this weekend (or any weekend), because it means you'll have:

1.  More stuff to organize and/or maintain.  If you cannot find a place for your purchases before you buy them, then perhaps you should reconsider.  You already know my stance on dry cleaning and storage.
2.  Less money to give to those in need.  New shirt or donations for the food bank?
3.  Less money to go toward savings or debt payoff.  What about that trip you've been longing to take?  Or your retirement?  Financial freedom?
4.  More debt.  Ask yourself:  "Is this worth the interest I'll have to pay on it?"
5.  More buyer's remorse...and who needs that?

By no means am I against shopping or buying things for yourself - I'd rather just try to do them more wisely.  So as you head into this weekend, I hope that it involves sleeping in, spending time with family and friends, going on adventures, or just relaxing (with a nice glass of tea or lemonade in the shade).

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all!

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