Thursday, July 31, 2014

Clear Surface, Open Mind

We tend to prefer uncluttered and clear rooms, even if we neglect to maintain them.  When looking for houses, we are automatically turned off by clutter, dirt, and mess.  Clean and neat are aesthetically pleasing to our eye.  Professional chefs require the kitchen to be clean and in proper order before they begin creating their culinary works of art.  Some, like myself, cannot start working unless the desk is cleared off and the room is straightened up.

But why do we gravitate toward clear surfaces? Why is it so important to us?  For starters, everything is available for use; there's no need to clean or repair or replace things to get started.  But I think it's more than readiness.  Clear surfaces are an invitation to explore, a blank slate on which there are infinite directions one can go. 

In other words, clutter blocks our minds and impedes the flow of ideas.  It's a barricade that diverts our thoughts, a distraction that dilutes our priorities.

'White space' allows us to be more creative and focused.  Some artists prefer their studios to be stark white, where they can "properly" see the colors that they are using and they can give the project at hand their undivided attention.  Graphic designers utilize 'white space' to add clarity and make their work more attractive.  As consumers, we know when an advertisement is too much; we are immediately turned off when it's saturated in color, noise or content.

The same goes for our everyday lives.  When we operate amongst the cluttered, it's like being in sensory overload, constantly bombarded with stuff - and often, frustration.

If you find yourself stuck, consider taking the time to clear some "surfaces" so that you can open your mind to the endless possibilities life has in store for you.

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