Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Organizing is for you

To every person that thinks they cannot get organized – this post is for you. 

(If you are a person who loves to organize, most of the methods I mentioned earlier to help find efficiency are already a part of your daily lives.  However, we can sometimes be commanding, even downright intimidating, with our ways.  Remember the following points when you come into contact with those not like you…)

Consider the following:

Stop comparing.
Organization can look different to different people and it is important not impose your level of organization onto others and vice versa.  A clean house for a family with two toddlers will most likely not be the same as that for a couple without children.  Let’s be clear though, laziness and chronic procrastination are NOT good enough reasons to remain inefficient.

Work at it until you’re good enough.
Organizing is just a skill to hone and nothing more.  Each person has a few skills in which they are naturally 10 out of 10.  But, we are not a ‘10’ in everything, nor were we meant to be.   Instead, we work on those less-than-perfect skills just enough to make sure our main ones are not hindered.  Therefore, you are not trying to become a ‘10’ in the area of organizing, but perhaps only a ‘6’ or ‘7’, which is enough to improve your circumstances and let your star skills shine even brighter.

Be patient and honest with yourself
One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to set up systems that are logical for YOU.  The goal is for you to stay organized, not your friend or favorite blogger, so don’t just copy someone else’s solution.  Redesign it to fit your preferences and lifestyle; take the good and leave the awkward.  No one system will work all the time and will often need editing to remain efficient. 
Consider the costs.
Understand that every decision you make has an opportunity cost associated with it.  It could be a monetary cost for storage or the loss of time to maintain.  Perhaps your stuff or lack of order affects the amount of time you spend with those you care about the most.  While acquiring and keeping things may seem a worthwhile endeavor, consider how that aids you in or keeps you from living your definition of a full life.  Only you can answer those questions, and don’t be afraid to ask and answer them honestly.  

Furthermore, making things pretty and color-coordinated is nice and can be a incentive to maintain order, but that's not the main goal.  Focus on creating a state of organization instead of a "look" of organization.  It'll save you some $$$ in the long run.  Remember, it does not have to be neat to be organized!

Go forth and organize!

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